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Road Safety and Training

Please use common sense and courtesy while cycling especially with recognition of vehicle drivers so please avoid cycling two abreast and keep your lines short to enable vehicles to overtake easily. Be especially cautious at road junctions and freewheeling down steep hills where there may be blind bends. It is obviously every riders responsibility to comply with the Highway Code at all times during the ride and we trust that you will do.

Always wear a cycle helmet.

Please read the PDF attachment of THINK CYCLIST produced by Devon County Council.

It is absolutely essential that unless you are a regular cyclist and accustomed to cycling over 100 miles per week you will need to get out and practice – and would suggest you try to cover at least 30-40 miles per week building up to 50 or 60 miles a week or two before the event. Anyone can enter this event but you would be foolhardy to attempt 100km unless you had done quite a bit of cycling.

The Following Clubs Would Welcome you to Cycle with Them: